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Five ways to start losing weight

Five ways to start losing weightWhat to do when diets do not work. Five great ways to lose weight permanently!

It is very hard to stick to your diets, so many people constantly fail them. They try every kind of new diets, hoping one of them would work and make them thinner. But unfortunately, that never happens. It's about the mistakes they make. The human brain ignores bad things or things that make us uncomfortable, so you hear many times people saying they only eat salat the whole week, but often that's not true. Here are five very useful tips that will help you lose weight permanently.

1. Write down what you eat

It's an easy thing to carry around a pen and a notebook, where you write down everything you eat. And that means every little thing from that snack in the morning, to the coffee or that evening juice. Or you have finished that half of the pizza from your partner - write it down. At the end of the day, just check what you wrote down and you'll be very surprised how much you actually eat during the day. You can calorie values of each food on the internet and calculate how many calories you've eaten.

2. Ask yourself - WHY?

Eating and drinking are usually unconcence behaviours, not controlled by the brain but rather by our stomach. That's why every time you eat something, ask yourself: "Why am I doing this?". You might be hungry or bored, lonely perhaps depressed, thirsty or stressed. But the only reason you should eat or drink is
thurst and hunger. So, if you're not hungry put that sendwich down. If you're not thirsty, put that bottle of cola down. If you're feeling lonely or depressed, go visit a friend, watch a movie or read a book. Best thing though is to exercise.

3. Never starve yourself

One of the biggest mistake in dieting is starving yourself. Unless you have a strong willpower, sooner or later you'll start eating snacks or fast food or whatever comes in your way. Starvation also makes your body go to safe mode, that means that it's limiting your energy levels and all that food you now intake will go to excess fat. So there's an absolute must that you eat three meals a day, plus a snack consisting of fruit and veggies. That's a good way to lose weight.

4. Eat your favourite food

Do not try to ban your favourite food, just because you are losing weight. The key here is eating moderate, not starving or denying the favourite food. Like pizza? Well, eat a piece or two, but not the whole plate. Like ice-cream? Eat one spoonful instad of three. That means eating your favourite food and eating less at the same time - this is what helps your weight loss long-term. But you should have a forbidden food day every 5 or 6 days, where you eat only "healthy" food, like vegetables, fruit and low fat food.

5. Exercise

Last but not least, it's exercise. If you're not used to it, start small. Maybe 10 minutes per day, 3 or 4 times per week. There's no need to go out and run for 4 hours straight. Start small and lengthen your exercises when time passes. Your goal should be at least 30 minutes of workout every day, 60 minutes is even better but it will come in time. EVentually you'll lose weight, get a great figure and live a healthy and happy life.


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