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Learn about vitamin at easy-home-cooking

Vitamins are substances required in small amounts in our food to promote the normal health of the body. They can normally be found in plenty in a good diet of mixed natural foods. Vitamin A keeps the mucous membranes healthy, also the skin, glands and bones,and is necessary for normal growth and development and for properly functioning eyesight. Sources:

Liver,butter,margarine,eggs,milk,cheese,carrots,spinach and other green vegetables,tomatoes,watercress,dried apricots and prunes,cod liver oil and halibut liver oil.

Vitamin B (B Complex including vitamins B1, B2, etc) is necessary for the good condition of the nervous system, for normal appetite and digestion and for other processes. Sources: Yeast and yeast extracts,wholegrain cereals,wheat-grain preparations,liver and other offal,lean meat,pork (including ham and bacon — non-halal for muslim),fish,egg yolk,milk, cheese,vegetables,fruits,nuts. By law all flour must contain certain quantities of Vitamin B1 and niacin.

Vitamin C increases resistance to infection and maintains a healthy condition of the skin,it improves the circulation and condition of the gums and other body tissues. Sources: Rose-hip berries (as syrup),blackcurrants,kiwi fruit,citrus fruits and juices,fresh vegetables,provided correct cooking methods are used.

Vitamin D ensures the proper utilization of calcium and phosphorus, directly influencing the structure of bones and teeth. Sources: Fish liver oils,oily fish,egg yolk,butter,vitamin enriched margarine. This vitamin can also be manufactured in the body by the action of sunlight and ultraviolet light on the skin surface.


1)Americans averagely eats 72,843 sq m pizza everyday.
2)And averagely all of us take 51kg seasoning inclusive of sugar and salt per year.
3)Kaffir-lime leaves (can be found in Asian countries) can cure dandruff and itchiness by squeezing it with water and massage it on the head.

Till we meet again, Happy Healthy Cooking….

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